Roser Gay 2018

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'Picking Spring'

I chose an abandoned house that is on the Garita Street . Specifically portal, boarded a house I've always been empty. A dead house, but with a special. This facade has been spoiled and cared for the neighbor who lives opposite. For some time, aquesta veïna hi ha començat a col·locar testos plens de flors i de cop, equipped with the pride and hope. In fact the house had never caught my interest, and since someone started to love, Every day I look and I look as if the flowers have opened, or swallows nest this year there will. Therefore, little by little, I had gone back to life with more enthusiasm than ever. This is what I want to happen to Riba-roja, and the magic of this street spreading around the old town, more and more quickly, is sinking hopelessly. Hopefully the gods and goddesses are on our side and our children can feel like they are living in paradise.

Roser Gay

My name is Roser Gay and I am thirty-two years old. In 2016 vaig tornar a instal·lar-me al poble amb la intenció de reinventar-me. The last fifteen years have been
formant-me com a il·lustradora, i teacher creative, living and studying in various cities. Now I would like to develop myself as a professional in my country. Somehow, now we must go back to basics. I'm working from the 'Zona LIquida' co-working space in Riba-roja d'Ebre, With its project co-working rural, it gives me the platform to work with you in the most comfortable and adaptable to changing times.

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