Romina Cristi 2018

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‘Lugares intangibles

This project, seeks to embody an essential aspect of Riba-roja d'Ebre which lies only in the thoughts of its inhabitants. This layer is immaterial constituted by thoughts related to those places that evoke memories everyday, or in you may lose eye on the horizon to disconnect from routine, or perhaps a place where, simply, you can spend a good time with friends.

These subtle treasures, which are omitted from official maps, are what feeds into this sculpture, developed with the direct participation of the people, which are brought into the physical world. This is done through symbols associated with personal and special places, which are preserved in glass jars.

The work invites the public to observe what is behind these objects and they are encouraged to find these corners with the help of maps associated with each treasure, which are kept in the public library of the village.

Romina Cristi

IM a search-. I am an architect, an urban researcher, watercolorist of scenery at a miniature scale, ‘urban sketcher’, cartography and now I am on the way to connect these facets - through art. I love to sing, collect antique objects‘Cachureos’ walking and talking paths with someone. I am from Santiago, Chile. Currently I live in Southampton, U K.

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