Phil Bird 2016

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‘Visions by the River Ebre’

We are artists and musicians working as 'Troubadour's Garden' within the visionary genre of art. Our way of working on this mural combined, intuition, improvisation, preplanning and research into the local area.

The wild beauty of the landscape of Catalonia, is very inspirational to us. Our mural's theme embraces folklore, myth, musical references and images drawn from the natural environment of the area.

On our last visit here Phil wrote a very imagistic song inspired by the spirit of this place, and this resulted in a collaborative collaborative of a verse from his song by a poet from Barcelona. This can be seen written on the main entrance gate. The visionary worlds of our paintings from also a major feature of the mural.

Phil has paintings in national and private collections in Britain and Europe. He has exhibited his paintings at national and international level for over 30 years old. As a painter and musician, he has been awarded funding for initiating numerous arts in education & community in the UK and internationally.

As a composer, his lyrical compositions interweave personal mythology of landscape with human experience and life. His music has a lilting haunting quality,, which has its roots in a love of folk ballad tradition, yet Phil’s writing and individual arrangements of traditional material have a contemporary edge.

Since 1997 Phil has produced 5 CD albums featuring his songs narrative and poems, he is a professional performer with many festivals including Glastonbury, Greenbelt, Off Grid Buddhafield and Quest to his credit, as well as theatres, Art Centres, acoustic music and folk clubs. He now works as Troubardours Garden with fellow musician and painter Anna Georghiou. They have recently played Riba Rocks eco music and arts festival in Catalonia and created a mural in Riba-roja d'Ebre.

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