Oliver Hall 2017

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'Cicle, temps, tradició’

The Riba-roja, Festivities in the village in August villagers have participated and perpetuated in the annual race through the streets of a hundred years, “The running race”. On the side of an empty building in La Plaça del Forn, situated, adjacent to the river Ebro, vaig pintar un mural que il·lustra les cames d’un corredor. La meva intenció era expressar un paral·lelisme entre les diferents generacions connectades a través del temps en la mateixa activitat a través de la història del pobles i del riu Ebre infinitament corrent i tallant el seu camí a través de la vall.

The music that accompanies the space-time is luna Sardana, Catalan traditional dance called “La Santa Espina”, song banned by the Franco regime. The song sounds daily in the streets to inform the relevant people and information activities..

I could be defined as an artist based on the studies of the arches in Southampton. My job is representative and abstract drawing. I also work sculpture, photography and video.

I consider myself an artist multidisciplinary, although my primary focus, or underpinning practice, is drawing. I feel that sometimes the concept is better to use different media and have more room to explore different practices and materials and creates new patterns in thinking through experience, trial and error and self-reflection.

Through my own perspective and my cultural background in mind, I am concerned with the roles which we play in life. I focus on existential reasonings for being an artist and how that corresponds with the subject matter. For example, I do not want to just make Environmental Art and reference the subject too directly, but instead reflect on it and explore the way in which it is a part of a bigger picture within Human Nature or The Human Condition. Oliver Hall

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