Jennifer Kilgour 2017

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‘La Sumera i l’unicorn’

My proposal was to develop my newly acquired welding skills and so I decided to create a steel sculpture. After a bit of research I found out Catalonia and Scotland share an equine national animal, and desire, a part of the population, be an independent country.

Combining these ideas, I created a chimeralike creature composed of a donkey and a unicorn. The title to the work is in Catalan, "La Sumera i l'Unicorn" (The Donkey and the Unicorn) signifying parts of the Catalan, “and Spanish”, to show the duality between female (the sumera) the male (l'unicorn).


The sculpture was made with a frame of a steel bar and various recycled materials, even elements of a recent demolition of two houses in the village. After a good rummage I found various wheels, wire mesh and even a coffee pot that I used to fill out the sculpture. I felt in some way it will keep a part of those houses alive as part of the village.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, and raised in various places around the Central Belt, I've always had a passion for drawing and making things. During the mid 1990s, I went to Edinburgh Art College to study Stop- Motion Animation. In the following years, I studied Photography, a Post Grad in Fine Art Painting and am currently studying Model Making to improve my existing 3D making skills.

My painting specialises in portraiture and figurative subjects, working mostly in oils, and acrylic, where as the illustrative drawing, I use the pen, ink and watercolors. I have works in private collections throughout the UK and Cyprus, as well as an illustration of a toad used as the logo for Toadlick’s Alabamian Music Festival.

My 3D work has stemmed from my interest and love of creating sculptural works. I have worked with theater and lighting companies on large and small accessory manufacturing projects, sets and costumes, as well as private commissions.

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