FIL 2018

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Equilibrium Riba-roja and Ebro '

The bottom green box is like a stage, where the two Rs represent Riba-roja, becoming visible to the world and its relationship with the river and nature, part of it's identity and wealth, the brick wall is the hand of man who collides with nature and its strength in this case represented by the river. The work is a representation of the daily coexistence of Riba-roja, the river Ebro and the fauna.


I started in the world of graffiti 1990 in the city of Lleida , th to 1998 I created my own style letters tubular 3d, for what we now know in the world of graffiti. At 2005 I started to customize clothes and caps. I have also been creating parallel styles and realism in physiognomies. Since years ago I graffiti and decorating business, which led me to make introductions and courses in the world of graffiti and "Street Art".

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