Carys Wilson 2018

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‘Take time, walk slow, notice the treasures all around you’

I started my walk mural, looking, collecting and drawing plants along the way, both in Riba-roja and along the river. Finding beauty and interest in both plants “cared for plants”, weed flora and supported by a concrete wallfrom.

Being in an unfamiliar environment makes me look more closely: I try to look like the first time I have seen something, deciphering forms, color and line. I used charcoal from the Juniper's arbe to draw and my drawings and initial compositions. Its oily nature makes it brilliant to use as a drawing tool. I want to encourage people to slow down and observe the beauty which is all around them.

Carys Wilson

My practice lies mainly in drawing. the lines, surfaces, marks, tones and textures that I find in my drawing feeds my painting, recorded and mixed media work, which in turn translates into subsequent drawings.

Working from the observation is fundamental to the way we think and start to create an image. I respond to my surroundings and, depending on my location or residence involving, my practice has evolved in several directions. I use the body as a subject to explore a line drawn, and I move between figuration and semiabstracció, exploring the tensions between a recognizable theme, layers of abstract lines and wires drawing observed, interspersed in a composition. Sometimes, it develops more about the physicality of materials and drawing tools I am using. other times, a drawing in our Roman “real world”, figures and their relationship within the space of the paper. M’fast and slow movements inspire, and my own physical gestures to draw, and how they can promote a variety of lines and brands.

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