Anna Georghiou 2016

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‘Visions by the River Ebre’

We are artists and musicians who work as' Troubadour's Garden’ within the genre of visionary art. Our way of working on this mural has been the combination of intuition, improvisation, Pre-planning and research in culture and locales.

The wild beauty of the landscape of Catalonia, is very inspiring for us. Our theme for the mural covers folklore, myth, musical references and images drawn from the natural environment of the area.

On our last visit here Phil wrote a very imagistic song inspired by the spirit of this place, and this resulted in a collaborative collaborative of a verse from his song for poet from Barcelona. This can be seen written on the the main entrance of the old slaughterhouse. The visionary worlds of our paintings from also a major feature of the mural.


Anna's work depicts groups of figures in a timeless setting; offering viewers alternative possible worlds, questioning perceptions of reality and being. Her work embraces creativity, imagination, spirit and colour.

“Honesty in art is important to me, Art does not need to follow trends or shock empty surface. In an age of cynicism
I wish to affirm the enduring qualities of the human spirit and attempt to reignite the search for the Logos (the soul), and “the insightful power of the mind”.

Anna is a British / Cypriot artist. On completing her BA in Psychology / Philosophy she went to study art and live in Cyprus for 6 years old. During this time she taught postgraduate art students and their work represented Cyprus in various national and international exhibitions through the United Nations, the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts.

After her MA in Fine Art, she moved to the powerful and evocative landscape of ancient Dartmoor a continuous inspiration for her painting and music. Here she has been involved with various local, national and international projects, festivals and exhibitions. She has also recently qualified as an Aroma therapist.

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