The route!

Today, the Riu d'Art team has placed signs in each of the artwork locations in the village.

The signs have QR codes that link to the website of the artist where you will find more information about the work and the artist.

Posters and leaflets can be found in bars, which include a map that shows each location of the permanently installed·works.

Click here to download the map.

Enjoy the route!

Riba-roja commits to transform Old Town into outdoor art gallery with 'Riu d'Art'

1 The tour starts at the entrance to the sports centreRiba-roja d'Ebre has released the second edition of Riu d'Art with a popular walk in the village streets during which local and international participating artists were able to present their creations to the neighbours, works made over the past few days in different parts of town. The initiative, organized by the Municipality of Riba-roja and the local Association Riba Rocks supported by the Directorate General of Youth of the Terres de l'Ebre, establishing itself as a meeting point for artists for the transformation and improvement of the old part of Riba-roja.

In total, six artistic interventions, double that of last year: Three international artists and three local artists, were chosen from among the 11 proposals which were submitted to the contest in the second edition of Riu d'Art. And as a good evaluation of this meeting of artists, which "seeks to achieve, year on year, within the streets, corners and viewpoints of Riba-roja to become a major art gallery in the open air ", explains Councilor for Youth, Francesc Esteve, Project promoter, for whom "art is also the regeneration of facades, of the streets and moreover a means to protect and conserve heritage".

9 murals leading down to the riverIn fact, the artistic interventions of Riu d'Art have the old part of the village as a main stage because the the municipal strategy of recuperation of the historic centre of Riba-roja, complements other planning activities undertaken in recent years: "The fact that most of the works in open spaces are intended to be a differentiating factor, making unique spaces, in the medium term, allows the conversion of the village into a place of cultural and tourist attraction ", says Esteve with a view to creating a future tour of all artworks, with future editions of Riu d'Art.

A tour of the artworks in this second edition

7 sara mans workThe tour began at the municipal sports centre, where ·a sculpture entitled La Sumera i l’unicorn, made in steel by Scottish artist Jennifer Kilgour has been installed. After this the tour passed by the Slaughterhouse with the mural created last year, and followed by the a walk down Carrer Sequer to see firsthand the mural Tree of Life, created by students of the Riba-roja d'Ebre Art School "to pay tribute to the people of the village and also to those who have passed on", an initiative which will spread to other village streets.

The next point where the neighbours stopped was the Placa del Forn, where English artist Sarah Misselbrook, settled for some years in the village, presented her work to fellow citizens 'Comunió de la vida', a series of 'planters' in the form of cupped hands casted from the people of the village, an idea that she wants to expand to other parts of town.

10 Lamps back artistsTwo of the international artists who have visited Riba-roja in recent days to participate in Riu d'Art, Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird, explained how they conceived the work 'The Water Carriers and The Woman of the Rainbow', located on the slope towards the river near the lookout point of La Pena. The artists were inspired by local traditions and nature, similarly for artist Oliver Hall (from Southampton, United Kingdom) when painting the mural "Cicle, temps, tradició” in the Plaça del Forn, in this case making a parallel·between the current of the river with feet running a race, which is one of the major events of the village fiestas in August.

Before close there was music , in the Plaça del Forn, by Riba-roja artist Adrià Cid, who explained his ceramic mural project which will be installed in one of the lookout points to the river, not yet finished, but we will be able to see it soon. And finally, attendees enjoyed two live music performances by two multidisciplinary artists who also presented their works of art, Adria Cid and the group Trobadours's Garden, Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird.

Call for "a beautiful Riba-roja"

During the presentation of works, the Councilor for Youth made a special mention to the director of the Art School, Isabel Torres, congratulating her "for her dedication, commitment and patience in teaching". Esteve, furthermore, encouraged all residents to participate in the initiative, as "to make Riba-roja a beautiful place, it is in all of our hands. The act of arranging a facade or putting a plant on the balcony, it is only a little grain of sand but can make our village have a special charm".

On this note, next Friday 14 July, there will be a talk by Dr.. Josep Bertran on "Architecture as a solution? Ideas for Old Riba-roja d'Ebre”, to present proposals by architecture students of the Faculty of Architecture of Reus.

2 poly artist 4 action taken in front 20166 art school students against tree11 wall oven square feet12 adrià action cid square furnace8 details hands


Local and international artists star in the second edition of Riu d'Art

This week international artists arrive who will participate in the second edition ofRiu d'Art, a cultural project created by the municipal youth council with the support of the Directorate General of Youth of the Terres de l'Ebre and the local Riba Rocks team. The aim is to make artistic interventions in certain strategic municipal areas, such as the Old Town and the Mirador de Dalt, to improve the status and, also, create synergies with art as a cross-cutting and dynamic element.

So, from this week until 2 July, four British artists, one Scottish, the group of ten Art School students and local artist Adrià Cid, will make various interventions, to be presented publicly on 2 July, with a tour of the art and some live music.

Tribute to town

Riu d'Art 2017 tree vida Aula ArtThe first work that you can see has been made by the Riba-roja art class, with the teacher as lead, Isabel Torres. On the front of the Ca Agret, on Sequer Street, they have produced a mural of a tree of life which will include ceramics tiles. As Torres explains, "This is an initiative to pay homage to all the people of the village and those who are no longer with us, and to show the names of the houses ". It is a kind of family tree, "As a metaphor for the present, past and future history of Riba-roja ".

It is an intervention made with love and we want to collect memories of the village in an original way. They have produced research work for this first tree, and the intention is to be able to do more in other parts of town, binding the history of each area and leaving an artistic and historic legacy.

Riu d'Art 2017 tree vida Aula Art

Riu d'Art 2017 tree vida Aula Art

Performances in emblematic points

In addition to the painting by the Art School Students, artists also participating in Riu d'Art:

  • Jennifer Kilgour, from Scotland, will make a steel sculpture to be installed at the entrance to the swimming pool.
  • Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird, from Devon (United Kingdom), will create a mural on doors in the old town and on an abandoned house.
  • Oliver Hall, from Southampton (United Kingdom), will produce a river inspired mural on an unfinished house in the Place de Forn.
  • Sarah Misselbrook, also from Southampton (United Kingdom) but established in Ribarroja, will make some planters in the form of hands.
  • Adrià Cid, from Riba-roja, will create a ceramic mural of plates on a house in the Mirador de Dalt.

Announcement – Riu d’Art Artists 2017

We are pleased to announce that the following international artists have been selected for the project Riu d’Art this year in Riba-roja d'Ebre.

Jennifer Kilgour from Scotland, Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird from Devon, U K, Oliver Hall from Southampton, U K and Sarah Misselbrook British artist from Southampton, U K, now living in Ribaroja d'Ebre.

The artists will arrive in the village a finals of this month and you will be able to see them performing their artworks fromfrom the 26 June and throughout the week, culminating in an opening opening and presentation with live music.

Also Adria local artist Cid, the students of the Art School of Riba-roja d'Ebre and Isabel Torres, her teacher, also participate in this year.

We look forward to welcoming the artists to Ribaroja d'Ebre very soon.

Call for submissions now open for proposals for the second edition of Riu d'Art

A River Poster Art 2017

From 26 June to 2 July there will be, in Riba-roja d'Ebre, a new edition of the initiative Riu d'Art, a cultural project created by the municipal youth council with the support of the Directorate General of Youth of the Terres de l'Ebre and the local Riba Rocks team. The aim is to act in certain strategic municipal areas to improve the status and, also, create synergies with art as a cross-cutting and dynamic element.

This time, as explained by the Councilor for Youth, Francesc Esteve, "the budget for artists has been increased, both for travel expenses and for materials to make different artistic interventions ". In this way, we hope to attract international artists, and also local artists, and that the proposals made are bold and ambitious.

Open call

The deadline for submitting proposals is 7 May, and it is open to all artists, regardless of their nationality, aged between 25 and 40 years. So, those interested should send their applications to including one or more artistic proposals, as well as other supporting documents detailed within the submission document. The organisation will make a decision and inform the successful artists on 9 May.

Local Youth Plan

Riu d'Art is one of the new Local Plans for Youth, working to support young Riba Rojans in various fields within which have been carried out initiatives such as the Full Moon Hike; diverse sporting activities, with the 24 and the 12 hours of football; or hiring young people to work, for example, as monitors at summer camp. Also, with projects like Riu d'Art seeks to promote and strengthen the artistic facet of the town.

The first edition, success

A Riu Art

The mural at the slaughterhouse with the artists.

The first edition, which took place last September, was attended by four international artists: Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird (two British musicians and visual artists), who created a mural in the area of ​​the slaughterhouse; Riikka Neste (Finnish photographer), who took a series of photographs made with natural elements from Riba-roja; and Sarah Misselbrook (British artist based in Riba-roja), who created a sculpture in the ancient wash room.

Riu d'Art a great success and marks the way for the second edition

This weekend saw the opening of the first artwork that has taken place in Riba-roja d'Ebre as part of Riu d'Art. A mural has been painted, in the area of ​​the disused slaughterhouse, Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird (two British musicians and visual artists). A work that has been very well received by neighbours and, along with all works that are made under the umbrella of Riu d'Art, has as a its inspiration the history and culture of Riba-roja and of Catalonia, plus a special relationship to the municipality. In their case, the artists have chosen to portray elements of the flora and fauna of the region, like catfish or dragon·fly, plus a lute. To present their work, furthermore, the artists performed a self written song inspired by their first visit to the village, two years ago. Continue reading “Riu d'Art a great success and marks the way for the second edition”